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The Medical Practitioners of India today is scared of various Consumer Courts that have been set up by the Government of India and the Legislation by which the Medical Practitioners have been brought under the purview of Consumer Courts. The day to day invention in the Medical Science, introduction of new techniques of treatment and diagnosis and the new diseases that are coming up because of jet speed pollution, adulteration, radio active atmospheric and environmental dis-balances have posed great challenge before the Medical Practitioners / Medical Establishments of today coupled with the increasing awareness of the Consumer Rights by the public at large. Medico-legal Problems are so technical that it can be dealt or understood by a Medico legal expert only.

EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD SERVICES LTD. does not guarantee success in all cases of its members. However, it will take up all the legal problems coming out of professional negligence, as and when initiated on its members and provide best Medico-Legal Defense against against Medico-legal Risk/Problems/cases, which includes all Legal Cases / Suits in all nature viz. criminal, civil under any Act or Law, related to Medical service / treatment. The members shall be benefited through EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD’s value added personalized services on all over India basis. In case of any emergency of problem, the member is required to just give a telephone / mobile call to EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD SERVICES LTD. and can expect a prompt assistance at the members doorstep. All the legalities are handled by our team of technical, legal & administrative experts, in co-ordination with the Doctor concerned. The Doctors are not only save with their valuable time and money but also from all those extra mental tension and agony. EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD SERVICES LTD. handle the cases of its members from District Forum / Lower Court to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India level without any extra defence cost, provided that the cause of action of the case, so initiated, from the date of becoming the membership of EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD SERVICES LTD., till the expiry of the membership.

Salient Features of DOCSHIELD COVERAGE

1 Professional indemnity Insurance coverage, If opted, through the leading insurance company in India upto a limit of Rs. 2.00 crores.
2 No Extra Charges for Defence Cost-Probably first time in the Country under any Acts or Law.
3 All Personal-legalities Defence pertaining to Medical Services / treatment only to Medical Practitioners without extra defence cost.
4 profession support from Docshield-legal cell.
5 Administrative back-up from Docshield-legal cell with their vast experience in handling medical-negligence cases vis-a-vis legal practice.
6 Expert opinion and suggestions from Docshield Medical Advisory Board.
7 Docshield-legal conference / symposium
8 Expert opinion from Medico-legal expert of DOCSHIELD.
9 Day-to-day liaison with the consumer Courts for prior information of the cases as and when initiated, which are not in the knowlegdge of the member.
10 Day-to Day liaison with the Consumer Courts for prior information of the cases as and when initiated,which are not in the knowledge of the member.
11 Support from District level Panel of Lawyers all over India in local level where action has been initiated.
12 Provision of moving on appeal/revision/review of cases without any additional fee/charges.
13 Model on consent forms.
14 Docshield legal Management for Criminal Court cases.
15 Provision of continuation of previous indemnity insurance policy with United India insurance Company Limited.
16 Income-tax exemption U/S36 (1) (i).