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• EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD covers each & every problem of the member medical establishments or the member Doctors, which may be from Civil, Consumer, Criminal or other.

• Insurance companies only cover the Consumer Cases under Professional Indemnity Insurance & Errors & Omissions Insurance and that too the insured have to make a thorough follow-up with the insurance company and their Lawyers.

• As and when any case is initiated on its members and the intimation is given by its member even on phone, EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD take charge of the situation, which includes the impleading of insurance company in the matter.

• Since the Professional Indemnity Insurance is a liability insurance, the Insurance Company will entertain the case only when they have been implicated legally for which the insured has to first appoint a lawyer and implead the insurance company legally through Consumer Court.

• EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD has its expert lawyers, especially in handling number of medical negligence cases, hence have a good command over the subject.

• Insurance companies have their own set pattern of lawyers who may not have any requisite knowledge about the medical science which is a vast subject.

• EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD has a team of sincere and dedicated field/administrative manpower in addition to Panel of eminent lawyers and legal advisors who provide door-step services to our members and also take care of the situation, in case of any untoward incident occurred on any of its members pertaining to the misuse of Consumer Protection Act, without any extra fee other than the Legal & Administrative fee once paid by the member at the time of becoming the member.

• Insurance companies shall not provide door-step services to its insured and the insured have to approach the insurance company and its lawyers to defend their cases as and when initiated.

• After adjudication of the matter,EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD will provide services for malicious prosecution without any cost, if the member desire so.

• After the adjudication of the matter, insurance companies does not have any provision of providing the services for malicious prosecution.

• EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD has a team of eminent lawyers, legal advisors & Medical Advisors for any type of your queries pertaining to the legal problems of its members free of cost through out the period of their membership.

• Insurance companies have no legal advisors & medical advisors for providing any query pertaining to the legal problems of its insured.

• In the case of compensation, EXPERTS DOCTORS SHIELD shall follow-up with the insurance Company and arrange to settle the claim within the scheduled period.

• Even in the worst cases of compensation where the monetary punishment is awarded on its members, insurance companies may not settle the claim within the scheduled period, if the insured is not making any follow-up